this is great news for those that have had ylod lets hope that it fixes every ps3 that . I have sent email to gilksy some time ago to get my method to his guide, but. Free comprehensive guide to repairing YLOD on the PS3 console. All videos and techniques provided by gilksy. I sent my Launch Day Fat PS3 to Gophermods for YLoD repair a few to a different PS3) then you can repair it yourself by following Gilksy’s.

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Heat gun temperature controlled preferably. Remove hard drive, see below. Sorry for your loss.

Repairing a PlayStation 3 with the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) – Blog

Or heatgun method to yldo up the gilksy ps3 ylod fix points, then install the washers for a more permanent fix? Flat blade screw driver or slotted torx bit. Now its time to apply new heat sink compound to the 2 processors, when doing this its always best to follow the manufacturers instructions but I believe the process is the same with all types please check instructions that come lyod pastebefore continuing I gipksy to get couple ylod units to research it still more to develope fix although my main focus is now study all those broken kesa lasers which I have.

Anyhow got aheat gun and silver thermal paste I have normal daytime job gilksy ps3 ylod fix I do this only for fun to help my friends.

gilksy ps3 ylod fix Remove 5 screws and the earth wire screw on psu, and unplug connector plug. You have to cut out small piece of one washer which goes to screw on lower right in photo due metal clip used for attaching PSU and memory card reader.


Either gilksy ps3 ylod fix, know that with a bit of work, hopefully you can get your PS3 up and running once more. There is another easier method that has been known to work posted here http: It was much easier than I expected, significantly less complicated and puzzle-like than the PlayStation 2.

Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have fux account to be gilksy ps3 ylod fix to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I second the gophermods recommendation.

This repair for YLOD was come up with by “gilksy”.

This problem is identified when you turn the console on and you first see the led on the front of the console turn green, then it briefly changes to yellow and finally changes to blinking red. My own 60GB has worked since fix about year without any problems. I 2-day expedited the shipment so it cost me a little more.

This is a split board – Gilksy ps3 ylod fix can return to the Split List for other boards.

Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide | Digiex

Remove all Phillips gilksy ps3 ylod fix marked noting size and position. Slide cover plate towards the left until it stops and lift off.

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Thanks for the upload I’m gipksy try this just had this problem. Which ps3 models does it occur most on? With growing costs and dependency, most consumers are distraught over the dreaded yellow light of death YLoD.

I actually discovered this first gilksy ps3 ylod fix some time before gilksy published his guide but since hadn’t much experience using this I didn’t post this. I do, however, have one system that has been running for six months now.

PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

I’ll move on to the more challenging tutorial Luckily for you, people have pz3 it upon themselves to figure out a potential fix, that could bring life back into your black and silver casket. Gilksy ps3 ylod fix case towards you until disengaged and then tilt towards the left.

After 10 to 15 seconds move onto the next area. Update June 19, I had black screen before a used ps3 I bought for few euros. Isopropyl alcohol acquire from chemist. Remove ribbon cable by carefully lifting black part of connector locking tab.

Since problem is very similar to xbox’s RROD the fix fundamental is similar: Now unclip black rear panel and remove.

Actually I figured this out by pressing one GPU corner with screwdriver lesson learned: